Chester Lake (Easy)

Easy (more moderate in winter -snow depending) 10km 3-4 hours Elevation Gain: 310m Summer, Fall, Spring, Winter This is an EXCELLENT way to spend the day! I saved this hike for the winter because of its easy elevation, beautiful trees and well trafficked locations. Unfortunately, in the winter months the mountains become a lot "smaller"... Continue Reading →

Abraham Lake

The magnificent Abraham Lake!!! Although technically its man made, this glacier lake is one of the largest lakes in Alberta, its rich blue colour is simply breathetaking and I'm afraid pictures never do it justice! The good thing about this lake and area - pretty much every hike, climb, camp - you're going to have... Continue Reading →

Heart Mountain Loop (hard)

Hard 13km (heart creek parking lot full loop) 4-6 hours Elevation Gain: 1090m Summer, Spring, Fall (with good weather minimal snow!) This is a great hike!!!! I absolutely loved it! And it was windy and cold! But the views, the terrain, the scramble!! All amazing. Would definitely do this again! This hike is completed by... Continue Reading →

Tent Ridge (moderate/hard)

Moderate/Hard 11km (loop) 5-7 Hours Elevation: 615m Summer, Fall, Spring HANDS DOWN FAVOURITE HIKE!!!!!! This is a good one, 3 summits with amazing ridge walking!!! But its not for the faint of heart. Or anything with any fear of heights IF your doing the full horse shoe. Which I completely recommend. There are some serious... Continue Reading →

Sooke, BC Potholes (Nature Walk)

The super cool Sooke Potholes! Popular for exploring the canyons, swimming, camping and just enjoying the overall feel for nature! With 3 parking lots to start your adventure, we started at the top and worked our way past the more popular areas to where we could actually climb in the gorge and explore the canyon... Continue Reading →

Mount Indefatigable (hard)

Hard 11km 5-7 hours Elevation gain: 1070m Summer, Fall, Spring This hike is hard. It is long, relentless, and a tough scramble getting up and down! So if your planning on hiking this one, PLEASE HAVE EXPERIENCE! This is not a beginners hike. That being said...... This hike is awesome!!! The views are incredible the... Continue Reading →

Bryant Creek Cabins (Moderate)

Moderate 14km 3-4 hours Elevation gain: 400m Summer, Fall, Spring, Winter This backcountry cabin, rented through Parks Canada, is the perfect getaway if you want to be free of the hustle and bustle of regular life, but still have a nice shelter to protect you for weather and wildlife! This is the same trail you... Continue Reading →

Cresent Falls (Easy)

Easy - but a little tricky to get to the base of the falls 5 km loop 2 hours Elevation gain: 100m Summer, Spring, Fall, Winter This is a great walk, good for all skill levels. This can be done by just driving to the look out spot or walking along the canyon to complete... Continue Reading →

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