Wedge Pond Loop (XC skiing)

Wedge Pond to Evan Thomas across highway 40 to Bill Mines Trail Loop 2-3 Hours 7.5km Minimal to no elevation This loop was perfect!!! A mix of trees, bridges, meadows - it was a perfect beginner trail and easy route for people just looking for minimal exercise! We began the loop at Wedge pond where... Continue Reading →

Boom Lake (Moderate)

Moderate 3-4 hours 10 km round trip Elevation gain: 200m Seasons: Summer, Winter, Fall, Spring This was a great day hike to exercise the dogs and get some fresh air! We started the trail pretty late in the day (around 2) so we pretty much ran up and back down to make it back to... Continue Reading →

Riverbend Golf Course (XCskiing)

ย Thanks to the 2019 Canadian Winter Games, Riverbend Golf & Country Club has extended there cross country skiing trails to over 14.5km of groomed and well maintained trails for everyone to enjoy! This is the network of trails that got me hooked on cross country skiing! Up until this point the idea of trying it... Continue Reading →

South Lawson (Little Lawson) Hard

Moderate - Hard 8km 4-5 hours Elevation Gain: 750m Summer, Winter, Fall I promised myself I would not let the thrill of completing the hike and the power of the day, decide the difficulty of this hike.... Often after getting to the car, taking off all your gear, and relaxing the trek you just completed... Continue Reading →

Chester Lake (Easy)

Easy (more moderate in winter -snow depending) 10km 3-4 hours Elevation Gain: 310m Summer, Fall, Spring, Winter This is an EXCELLENT way to spend the day! I saved this hike for the winter because of its easy elevation, beautiful trees and well trafficked locations. Unfortunately, in the winter months the mountains become a lot "smaller"... Continue Reading →

Bryant Creek Cabins (Moderate)

Moderate 14km 3-4 hours Elevation gain: 400m Summer, Fall, Spring, Winter This backcountry cabin, rented through Parks Canada, is the perfect getaway if you want to be free of the hustle and bustle of regular life, but still have a nice shelter to protect you for weather and wildlife! This is the same trail you... Continue Reading →

Cresent Falls (Easy)

Easy - but a little tricky to get to the base of the falls 5 km loop 2 hours Elevation gain: 100m Summer, Spring, Fall, Winter This is a great walk, good for all skill levels. This can be done by just driving to the look out spot or walking along the canyon to complete... Continue Reading →

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