A Little about myself, Welcome to my blog!

Growing up in Manitoba, there was not much hiking to do! So when I moved to Alberta, and discovered that there are thousands of hikes, and things to explore throughout the Rocky Mountains I was instantly overwhelmed. Not knowing where to start, what to bring, what defines a scramble, WHAT WAS SWITCH BACKS?! I mean I was lost, and confused and completely unaware... Continue Reading →

Where to Start??!!!

This post is dedicated to getting the basics down, what to expect, what to bring, and how I rate each activity. Its a little longer than I hoped but at least all the ground is covered! Now every hike is different, every activity is different. But in all cases, water is necessary. Just depends how... Continue Reading →


These are some tips I've come across over the years, experience first land and from stories of other adventurers! Leave Early do not wait until 4pm to start a hike. Hiking in the dark is dangerous. Without the proper gear, you could end up lost, standing on a bear, or falling of a cliff. Check... Continue Reading →

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