Abraham Lake

The magnificent Abraham Lake!!! Although technically its man made, this glacier lake is one of the largest lakes in Alberta, its rich blue colour is simply breathetaking and I'm afraid pictures never do it justice! The good thing about this lake and area - pretty much every hike, climb, camp - you're going to have... Continue Reading →

Cresent Falls (Easy)

Easy - but a little tricky to get to the base of the falls 5 km loop 2 hours Elevation gain: 100m Summer, Spring, Fall, Winter This is a great walk, good for all skill levels. This can be done by just driving to the look out spot or walking along the canyon to complete... Continue Reading →

Allstones Lake Trail (hard)

Hard 10km 5-7 hours Elevation gain: 600m Summer, Spring, Fall I did this hike a while back, but it was good! Its not a summit hike, but has nice views of Abraham Lake for a good chunk of the way. This hike is pretty much straight up, minus about 1km in the middle while your... Continue Reading →

Fish Lake Campground

Fish lake is popular campground just outside of Nordegg. The convenient location and lake front campsites make it an execellent place to spend your weekend. But if you don't have a reserved spot, and are planning "winging it" after 5pm on friday... you might not get a spot. I recommended going on Sunday-Thursday if possible, or... Continue Reading →

Vision Quest (Hard)

Moderate 5.5 km 3-5 hours Elevation Gain: 905m Summer, Fall, Spring, Winter (part way) Short. Sweet. Right to the point! This hike wastes no time getting you to the summit! Its rated difficult on most sites and I don't think thats fair. This is a great hike if you've done a few moderate hikes and... Continue Reading →

Ram Falls Canyon (easy/moderate)

Easy-Moderate 1-4 km All day if you want! Elevation: 400m into the canyon This is not for the faint of heart! The canyon is slippery! To get access down the canyon you will have to cross the water, the glacier ice cold water! But it is beautiful. And the fish are amazing, its hard fishing,... Continue Reading →

Jackfish Lake

Nature is calling.... you best head to Jackfish Lake. This little lake not the east side of nordegg doesn't offer  beautiful mountain views, it doesn't take a long time to make it across the lake. BUT if you get there on a day where theres little to no wind! Be prepared for an awesome experience!... Continue Reading →

Ram Falls (Easy) Winter

Ram falls is a slight walk off the long drive to the park! But its really cool to see the frozen waterfalls, you can walk further down the canyon banks, but mostly this is just a 100 starts and a cool cool out spot! The trunk road (highway 734, gravel road) has lots of wildlife... Continue Reading →

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