Malign Lake

The beautiful and never disappointing Malign Lake!!!!! This stunning lake offers lodging, fine dining, camping, dinner cruises and an all around great place to check out! It takes about an hour to drive from Jasper, due to the windy roads and traffic congestion sometimes, but I think its worth the trip. There are lots of... Continue Reading →

Moab Lake (Easy)

Easy 2km 30 min-1 hour Elevation Gain: 50m Summer, Spring, Fall Now this has got to be the most surprising place I've ever been to. After quickly deciding to check this lake out we walked into the very east end of the lake and saw how small and "blah" the lake kind was, there was... Continue Reading →

Malign Canyon (easy)

Easy 2km 1-2 hours Elevation Gain: 300m Summer, Spring, Fall This is a very cool thing to see! 7 bridges long, each bridge goes over a section of the canyon. The rushing rapids that formed the canyon over the year, ย makes for a great view. The trail is maintained with stairs and railings, good for... Continue Reading →

Geraldine Lakes Hike (easy-mod)

Easy-Mod 4-11km (depending which lakes you stop at) 2-6 hours Elevation gain: 400-1100m Summer, Fall So we only went to the first lake for the fishing, (brook troat are in the lake) and than to the back side of that level of the trail, to the two teered waterfall. The trail does continue up the... Continue Reading →

Honeymoon Campground

This is just another place to camp. Its pretty standard, about a half an hour away from Jasper, so its good if you can not find a camping spot in Jasper (which is likely unless you reserved a spot). The lake is decent, it was cloudy when we went and rainy when we went so... Continue Reading →

Athabasca Falls (Nature Walk)

This was a nice stop to break up with drive! Large canyons multiple bridges and walkways over the falls! Its really cool to go on the other side of the road and walk between the canyon walls and still the raging waters below. This is more of a "pit" stop thats pretty busy than a... Continue Reading →

Sulpher Skyline Trail (Moderate)

Moderate 8km 3-6 hours Elevation gain : 700m Summer, Spring, Fall This is a great hike! Straight and to the point! It's up hill pretty much the whole way. But mostly switchbacks, with a light scramble for the last 15min stretch. Most the way is tree line walking on a well maintained trail and breaks... Continue Reading →

Fairmont Hotel Jasper

The resort is a must see, and a must stay... if you can afford it. Staying at the Fairmont Jasper is like staying at a resort. The food, the pool, the hot tubs, the walk around the lake is beautiful. The hotel rents canoes, paddle boards and paddle boats. I believe most of it is... Continue Reading →

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