North Raven River

After a couple years of trying to catch a brown trout, we have realized we simply must be cursed. ย Nothing else makes sense! But after traveling over the entire country side hitting up all the popular locations people were catching, and still not catching. We were still gaining an appreciation for what Alberta has to... Continue Reading →

Chester Lake (Easy)

Easy (more moderate in winter -snow depending) 10km 3-4 hours Elevation Gain: 310m Summer, Fall, Spring, Winter This is an EXCELLENT way to spend the day! I saved this hike for the winter because of its easy elevation, beautiful trees and well trafficked locations. Unfortunately, in the winter months the mountains become a lot "smaller"... Continue Reading →

Abraham Lake

The magnificent Abraham Lake!!! Although technically its man made, this glacier lake is one of the largest lakes in Alberta, its rich blue colour is simply breathetaking and I'm afraid pictures never do it justice! The good thing about this lake and area - pretty much every hike, climb, camp - you're going to have... Continue Reading →

Cresent Falls (Easy)

Easy - but a little tricky to get to the base of the falls 5 km loop 2 hours Elevation gain: 100m Summer, Spring, Fall, Winter This is a great walk, good for all skill levels. This can be done by just driving to the look out spot or walking along the canyon to complete... Continue Reading →

Allstones Lake Trail (hard)

Hard 10km 5-7 hours Elevation gain: 600m Summer, Spring, Fall I did this hike a while back, but it was good! Its not a summit hike, but has nice views of Abraham Lake for a good chunk of the way. This hike is pretty much straight up, minus about 1km in the middle while your... Continue Reading →

Malign Lake

The beautiful and never disappointing Malign Lake!!!!! This stunning lake offers lodging, fine dining, camping, dinner cruises and an all around great place to check out! It takes about an hour to drive from Jasper, due to the windy roads and traffic congestion sometimes, but I think its worth the trip. There are lots of... Continue Reading →

Penhold to For Normandeau

This is my favourite stretch for kayaking, its not busy, you can hear the birds chirping, watch the fish jumping (catch the fish jumping!) the waters are fairly calm with a couple class 1-2 rapids depending on the water levels. It takes about 4-5 hours depending how much your paddling and the waters current of... Continue Reading →

Interlakes Campground

This is a great campground but super popular!! Its located between Upper and Lower Kananaskis with one of the only campgrounds in Kananaskis (other than backcountry) that you can get a spot next to the water! The sites are available for reservation, but the weekends will book pretty fast. But if you go on a... Continue Reading →

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