Sooke, BC Potholes (Nature Walk)

The super cool Sooke Potholes! Popular for exploring the canyons, swimming, camping and just enjoying the overall feel for nature! With 3 parking lots to start your adventure, we started at the top and worked our way past the more popular areas to where we could actually climb in the gorge and explore the canyon... Continue Reading →

Prestige Ocean Front Resort (Sooke, BC)

Looking for a weekend getaway? Traveling to Canada? This amazing 5 star hotel is located in the heart of Vancouver Island in Sooke, BC. With stunning views, this ocean front property has delicious foods and adventures awaiting right off your balcony. Rent some kayaks, admire the Sea Lions swarming the incoming fishing boats, hire a... Continue Reading →

Hidden Falls (Sombrio Beach BC)

Lets just start with probably the most amazing thing I've ever saw. This hidden gem is not to be missed, in fact, its so easy to miss we didn't even know it was there. Fate put us in the exact spot to see a couple people coming out of the forrest following down a tiny... Continue Reading →

Goldstream Park to Trestle Bridge (BC)

Easy 3.5 km 2 hours Elevation Gain: 90m Summer, Fall, Spring, Winter So cool to go see a beautiful waterfall and than continue to a decommission trestle bridge that dates back to 1905! Niagara Canyon located through the tunnel off Goldstream park (picture insert at bottom) ends with a beautiful light streamed waterfall just after... Continue Reading →

Fort Rodd (Victoria, BC)

Fisgard Lighthouse - located in the National Historic Park of Fort Rodd -it is a beautiful and informative site to see! Now a free visit with a national park pass, the grounds are maintained and regulated by parks Canada. This site offers an informative overview of a once known military base for WWII with bomb... Continue Reading →

Othello Caves (Nature Walk)

These caves are so cool!!!! If your passing through hope these are a must see! The tunnels were the original tunnels built in the 1990's for the Canadian Pacific Railway. Today, it no longer has railway tracks, but the caves have been restored and connected with bridges to become a popular historic part! Its so... Continue Reading →

Hells Gate Gondola (Nature Walk)

"a place where no human should venture, for surely these are the gates of Hell." - Simon Fraser 1808Maybe a tad dramatic Mr. Fraser, but the rushing river through the narrow passage way of the Fraserย Canyon is something to see. The fish ladders along the river bed helps the fish scale up the river to... Continue Reading →

Bridal Vail Falls (Nature walk)

Nature Walk 0.08 km 1/2 hour - 1 hour elevation gain: 50m Summer, Fall, Winter Ever been driving down the highway and see the "points of interest" sign and than kept driving. THIS IS THE TIME TO STOP! Not only was the falls breathe taking, but the trees were stunning! You could just smell the... Continue Reading →

Nimpo Lake, B.C.

If your up for a long, scenic drive to a remote location, where people live isolated and free. Nimpo Lake is the place for you. We booked a suite at the Wilderness Retreat Inn, and it was awesome! We went over New Years as a little getaway and thats what we got. This small town... Continue Reading →

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