Via Ferrata – Mount Stelfox


I really don’t know how else to put it.

After not climbing for 6 months – due to winter. We always like to start the season of with a little Via Ferrata to get us in the mood and does it ever work! This thrilling 800m climb looking over Abraham Lake is a great intro into climbing, making sure your okay with lots of exposure and how to be comfortable hanging off the side of a cliff!

If your unfamiliar with the Via Ferrata it is a series of iron steps, anchors formed into a latter sequence followed with a steal cable leading over a vertical cliff. Originally designed in the alps to help mountaineers in world war I to climb over sections of mountains in  that were deemed unclimbable.

The great thing about this is anyone can do it!! If you can climb a ladder you can Via Ferrata. You will need the proper equipment! The most important piece being a proper suspension lanyard. As this is not rock climbing, there are no ropes used. Just a harness and helmet. The suspension lanyard is used to absorb the impact of falling 10ft if you missed your step – heaven forbid because this would seriously hurt. Falling that distance using a regular cable system could literally cut you in half. So if your going without a guide – as you can on this route. Make sure you have the right equipment, you can order the lanyard on the line for under $100.

There are guided tours for Via Ferrata in Banff, Jasper & Nordegg! So if this is something your interested in, I would highly recommend giving it a try!



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