Tent Ridge (moderate/hard)

11km (loop)
5-7 Hours
Elevation: 615m
Summer, Fall, Spring


This is a good one, 3 summits with amazing ridge walking!!! But its not for the faint of heart. Or anything with any fear of heights IF your doing the full horse shoe. Which I completely recommend.

There are some serious boulder hoping to get up and around to each summit and get on top of the ridge. But once you get to the first summit you get a bit of a break from the elevation as most of the hike is walking around the shoe. We started the trail counter clockwise, despite that everyone was starting clockwise at the same time, but its easier access to get to the first summit if you do it the back way. It feels like an easy walk up with great rewards. (if you didn’t want to complete the full walk this would be a good way to go, probably 3 km and you would have great pano views over spray lakes with no scrambles)

I personally would not bring my dog on this hike. There were dogs there, but I feel like some of the rocks are unstable, and very narrow to walk along, lots of steep heeps over boulders to get to the other side and I would be much to worried someone would fall. Not to mention its mostly walking on rocks more than dirt. So thats pretty hard on their paws. But thats just my opinion.

Poles are helpful for most of it, but some parts there in the way and its better to use your hands. Bring lots of water, and be prepared for a whole new light on hiking!!!! The rewards just don’t end!

Be careful to not loose the trail, there’s a bit of deadfall that can be miss leading. We ended up taking the wrong way on the way back and added an extra 1km on at least! Download the all trails app and track yourself! Its better to be safe than sorry, you are in bear country!

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