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Madera Outdoor is a special project I hold every dear to me! They are a mission based company who’s goals are to help end the chain of poverty by planting trees in West & East Africa. Not only are the trees being used for agricultural growth, but they have teamed up with to help EDUCATE locals on how to provide for themselves, grow food for themselves, and rebuild communities that have been destroyed degraded lands unable to produce.

Madera Outdoor has plants over 10,000 this year, and with there sponsored company over 115,000 million trees have been planted all over the world.

So what do we need from you? Camp. Hike. Adventure. Do whatever you normally do and carry around your super awesome outdoor backpacking hammock. There light weight, handy and very durable!

For following me and reading my stories, Madera has given me a special promo code to hand out!! So using TREES4MOCKS you can receive 30% off  your entire order, and still plants 2 trees! Because after all, hammocks need trees! Tag all your hammock pictures using #hammocksneedtrees and become part of a life changing community.

Want to do more? Madera is always looking for people to be apart of there ambassador program. All you need to do is click the link below; apply to be an ambassador, you will receive a big discount on all hammocks as well as your own personal promo code to share with all your friends. In return, Madera will send you MONEY every time your promo is used! GET PAID TO HANG OUT WITH YOUR FRIENDS?! Sounds crazy right? But its not, the best way to spread the word is through people like yourselves.

Help destroy economic inequality, help build a foundation for future generations to come!

BIG SHOUT OUT to Valhalla Outfitters in Red Deer, AB They are officially carrying Madera Hammocks, head down there and support your local business !

Valhalla Pure Red Deer Facebook

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