Via Ferrata Mt. Stelfox

The moment that started it all……!!!!!!!!

Yep, this is it. Via Ferrata on Mt. Stelfox, this was probably the coolest experience I’ve ever had. After a little time in the gym, my brother suggested we tried a “mock” climb. And it was great! This is why I recommend people trying this before rock climbing. Although this is not technically challenging, because your basically climbing up a ladder for an hour, it is more dangerous than falling as a second when your rock climbing. That is why I recommend climbing in the gym, feeling out what its like to grip on to things and climb up.

This is not something you can do on your own. You must be with a guide, although climbing not the David Thompson is not regulated and you are able to climb without a company, you do need all the proper equipment. There are 2 routes you can take in Alberta; Mt. Norquay and Mt. Stelfox. I’ve attached 2 links for companies that will take you up! Good luck… you’re going to get addicted after this!

David Thompson Highway Via Ferrata

Banff Via Ferrata

3 thoughts on “Via Ferrata Mt. Stelfox

      1. We’re in northern Italy right now in the Dolomites. It seems to me that their “2” grade of VF is like scrambling, and 3-5 is full on climbing. In hiking boots, mind you! 😉 There are via ferratas (for free) throughout the area. It’s truly amazing.


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