Johnston Canyon Winter (easy)

1-2 hours
Elevation gain : 150m
Winter, Summer, Fall, Spring


Hands down, best time to do this walk is the winter!!! I’m usually not big on super tourist areas, lots of people, lots of traffic, developed pathways etc. But jonhnson canyon is an amazing, romantic, super Canadian way to spend the afternoon.

The trails are well maintained, easily accessible, and great for the whole family. Its a light stroll to the first set of falls (about 20 min) where you can take a second bridge over the creek, and walk under a cave to the base of the falls.

Next stretch is a little bit more of a dirt path, but still has a railed walk away around the base of the canyon to the second waterfall, in the winter you can catch some ice climbers scaling the icicles, adding a true Canadian touch to the adventure!

I’ve done this in the summer and the winter, and its a great place for a day hike to explore what the mountains have to offer, great for the kids and dogs. But the summer tends to be a hot spot for all the local tour companies, with good reason, its beautiful. But if you want to avoid the crowds I wouldn’t recommend this spot. Unless you plan to continue up to the ink pots!

The ink pots are an extension of the canyon trek, about another 5.6km past the canyon your going to reach a series of crystal clear ponds, and an excellent place for some lunch!  The trail is a straight dirt path, highly trafficked, but great way to spend the day.

On a side note, Johnstone also offers summer cabin rentals, near by Castle Mountain Chalets, which are year round and pet friendly!

Overall, great way to spend the day, for all season, I have a bias opinion for winter touring as its something you won’t get to see everyday, its safe and simple a winter wonderland!!

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